Who We Help and How We Help Them

Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks logoAutism Speaks is dedicated to funding global biomedical research into the causes, prevention, treatments, and cure for autism; a neurobiological disorder that affects 1 in every 150 Canadian children. This non-profit organization's mission is to raise public awareness about autism and its effects on individuals, families, and society; and to bring hope to all who deal with the hardships of this disorder.

KRG Children's Charitable Foundation was pleased to be an official sponsor of the Autism Speaks "Walk Now For Autism" in support of autism research and awareness. The official ceremonies took place on June 3, 2007 at Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto.

To learn more about Autism Speaks visit www.autismspeaks.org


Camp Oochigeas

Camp Oochigeas logoSince 1984, Camp Oochigeas has been enriching the lives of children living with cancer through a positive and very powerful camping experience. Every year, over 200 children attend this Muskoka Lakes camp to rock climb, canoe, water ski, make friends and explore their potential. Because Ooch does not receive government funding of any kind, it is through the generous support of individuals and organizations that help them provide memorable and even life-enriching experiences for these special campers, at no cost to their families.

KRG Children's Charitable Foundation fully funded a state-of-the-art high ropes course, designed so children of all abilities (including those in wheelchairs) could climb high into the sky and challenge themselves physically and mentally. It is an emmense and magnificent structure and has given the campers an opportunity to find inside of themselves a sense of pride and accomplishment. This empowerment can help them in their battle to fight and beat their cancer.

The KRG Children's Charitable Foundation’s Jump for Ooch summer fundraiser, held at the Lake Joseph Club, has also raised funds to purchase other essential items for the children at the camp.

To learn more about Camp Oochigeas, visit www.ooch.org


Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness

The Canadian Centre For Abuse Awareness logoAlmost without exception, child abuse and child sexual abuse have a devastating and life-long impact on those victimized. Although the physical scars often heal quickly, the same cannot be said for the emotional and psychological damage caused. It need not be that way.

The Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness, a national registered charity dedicated to the prevention of abuse of children and adult victimization, aims to assist Canadians affected by the life-long trauma of abuse and to educate the public about the detrimental role abuse plays in our society. Powered by a committed group of staff and volunteers, CCAA is driven to combat abuse through a series of programs, special events, sponsored activities and public awareness campaigns. Whether it’s fulfilling a child’s dream wish, developing abuse prevention programs, or lobbying government for legislative change—CCAA is working to protect us all from the trauma of abuse.

The KRG Children's Charitable Foundation is proud to be the Founding Sponsor of the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness Public Safety Campaign and has committed $50,000 yearly to this organization. With this support the CCFAA has been able to raise public awareness, aggressively advocate for change, and shape public safety legislation and policy that is, and will, continue to make a difference in the lives of children.

To learn more about the CCFAA, visit www.ccfaa.com



Charmz4Charity logoCharmz4Charity, a feel-good after-school program, that brings the concept of philanthropy to a child’s level. A great leadership opportunity, the Charmz program is completely youth driven. They design the jewellery. They take care of the advertising and marketing for their bracelet sale. And, together as a team, they choose the registered children’s charity to donate their hard-earned money toward.

The program reinforces team work, co-operation, commitment, and accomplishment. It gives the kids an opportunity to opens their hearts, and reach out to those who are less fortunate than themselves. By doing this, they learn about responsibility and the true spirit of giving, sharing and caring. Children helping children… What could be more beautiful?

The KRG Children's Charitable Foundation pioneered the Charmz4Chartiy program with their donation of $100,000.

To learn more about this organization, visit www.charmz4charity.org.


Children's Aid Foundation

The Children’s Aid Foundation is registered charity committed to funding programs that improve the lives of abused, neglected and high-risk children. Their three-pronged approach of Prevention, Enrichment and Education enables the Foundation to meet the immediate and urgent needs of high-risk children, and, more importantly, develop unique and innovative programs to make a longer-lasting impact on their lives. As the Foundation continues to grow, the number of children who will benefit from these programs, and who will have the opportunity of leading successful lives, will increase exponentially.

The KRG Children's Charitable Foundation has been an active supporter of the Children's Aid Foundation fundraising efforts and was honoured to receive the Children's Aid Foundation "Special Event" award.

KRG Children's Charitable Foundation expanded their partnership with Children's Aid to reach even more kids in need. Recognizing that young people growing up in foster care face incredible barriers, they established the KRG Children's Charitable Foundation Post-Secondary Scholarship. Already there are grateful recipients who now have the financial support they need to pursue a university education.

To learn more about this organization, visit www.cafdn.org


Community Safety Village

Community Safety Village of York Region - logoCommunity Safety Village of York Region, run by the Police and Firefighters Associations is located in a designated area within the picturesque surroundings of Bruce’s Mill Conservation Area. A visit to the Community Safety Village is a great way for kids, aged 6 through 12, to learn about fire, traffic and personal safety. Within each “house” a different life lesson is taught to the children who are brought to the Community Safety Village through organized school outings.

KRG Children's Charitable Foundation’s donation of $50,000 went to support the Internet Safety “house”. This is a cozy and fun place where kids are taught how to recognize the signs of potential danger on the internet, how to react to it, and how to protect themselves and other kids from being victimized. The house will provide the required tools to ensure a “hands on” learning and training experience related to Internet Safety. One of the many available resources at this house is the video clip “Be Net Aware” that will explain the problem and provide some practical solutions to the kids (courtesy of York Regional Police).

To learn more about this organization, visit www.communitysafetyvillage.com



CNIB logoCNIB is a nationwide, community-based, registered charity committed to rehabilitation, research, and vision health for all Canadians. Thanks to the generous support of individuals, corporations, government and other funders, CNIB continues to educate the public on blindness prevention as well provide the services and necessary support for people living with vision loss so they can enjoy a good quality of life.

The CNIB Lake Joseph Centre is situated on the north shore of Lake Joseph in the Muskoka Lakes Region. During the summer months, the CNIB Lake Joseph Centre welcomes visually-impaired children and youth (along with their families) to enjoy a true camp experience. Over the last 40 years, time and weather have deteriorated the CNIB Lake Joseph Centre.

"Restoring the Spirit"— a major capital campaign to rebuild the entire camp facility — has been launched with a generous commitment from Steven Wise and the KRG Children's Charitable Foundation. Over the next five years, $500,000 has been committed to this cause.

To learn more about the CNIB, visit www.cnib.ca


Dr. Jay Children's Grief Center

Dr.Jay Children's Grief Center logoWe are proud supporters of the Dr. Jay Children’s Grief Centre! The only one of its kind in Canada, The Dr. Jay Children’s Grief Centre provides flexible, individual and family support to children, youth and their families when a parent or sibling is dying or has died.

Our donation is helping to fund their Youth Program which creates a supportive environment where bereaved adolescents can, amongst many things, have their thoughts and feelings normalized, connect with peers going through similar experiences and preserve the memory of their loved ones while having access to clinical support from skilled grief counsellors. Participants of the Youth Program learn new and healthy strategies to help them cope with their grief, while building a supportive community of same aged peers with shared experiences.

Youth Program members are also provided with the opportunity to develop and enhance their leadership skills through direct leadership training through the L.I.T program. centre.ca

For more information, please contact Colleen Mousseau or check out the Dr. Jay website: https://drjaychildrensgrief.ca


Giant Steps

Giant Steps logoGiant Steps Toronto/York Region is an education and therapy centre for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our mission is to enhance the skills and abilities of elementary school-aged children with autism; our passion: the successful participation of these children in their local schools and communities.

Kids in the Giant Steps program receive intensive, individualized programs of academics, specialized therapies and daily living skills. Uniquely, the children are also directly supported in their own local schools, an approach unavailable elsewhere in the GTA.

KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation’s donation of $50,000 went towards the building of a state-of-the-art gymnasium course

To learn more about this organization, visit www.giantstepstoronto.ca


Hospital for Sick Children

Hospital for Sick Children - logoThe Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) is Canada's largest and most research-intensive hospital dedicated to improving children's health. Renowned throughout the world as innovators in child health, SickKids improves the health of children by integrating care, research and teaching.

With a staff that includes professionals from all disciplines of health care and research, SickKids provides the best in complex and specialized care by creating scientific and clinical advancements, sharing knowledge and expertise and championing the development of an accessible, comprehensive and sustainable child health system.

Operation Art is a new program created and funded by KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation, the hospital and Susy Bleasby, Sick Kids inhouse muralist.

The KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation donated of $500,000 to rebuild the Plastic Surgery Clinic for the Burns, Plastics and Craniofacial. The new clinic is visited by more than 8,000 young patients and families each year with conditions ranging from cleft lip and palette to children receiving treatment as they recover from severe burns. The donation made it possible to update vital life-saving equipment, treatment rooms, staff lounges and waiting areas.

KRG Children's Charitable Foundation’s generous donation went to refurbishing the Emergency Department. It is now a vibrant and colourful place for sick and injured kids who are waiting for care. The funds provided also went to purchase more comfortable chairs for parents and replace vital, life-saving equipment needed for trauma and resuscitation.

KRG Children's Charitable Foundation’s generous donation was used for total upgrade of the nurse's lounge, equip workstations and provide comfortable meeting rooms. Since the renovations, the children are responding better to treatment, staff morale has improved and there is a waiting list of nurses wanting to work in the Emergency Department.

To learn more about SickKids, visit www.sickkids.on.ca


Jean Tweed Centre

The Jean Tweed Centre logoEstablished in 1984, The Jean Tweed Centre is Ontario's largest treatment facility for women with substance abuse problems and/or problem gambling. The Centre offers a wide range of programs and services to help women begin to make positive lifestyle changes, and offer support for their families with a focus on their young children. They provide childcare for mothers attending programs and offer specialized children's and parenting programs.

KRG Children's Charitable Foundation funded an outdoor play space, the only substance abuse treatment centre to offer this type of space for children of mothers receiving services on site.

To learn more about this organization, visit www.jeantweed.com


Max and Beatrice Wolfe Centre

Max and Beatrice Wolf CentreRun out of Mount Sinai Hospital, Max and Beatrice Wolfe Centre for Children's Grief and Palliative Care (MBWCC) is the only specialized centre in Ontario that offers counseling support and medical care for dying and grieving children and families in both home and agency settings. They also educate and support children and their families who have a loved one who is dying or has died. As leaders in the field of children's grief and pediatric palliative care, they also provide consultation and education sessions for health professionals, teachers and boards of education.

Our funding will go toward creating grief and bereavement counselling groups designed specifically for youths between the ages 13 - 18. These groups will be held at Mount Sinai and lead by a counsellor and volunteers with occasional off-site excursions and activities. The discussions will enrich the lives of these children, and will also give them the opportunity to create connections with other youths going through similar experiences.

To learn more about this organization, visit www.mountsinai.on.ca


OneFamily Fund

OneFamily Fund - logoThe OneFamily Youth Division caters to the over 1500 children throughout Israel who have lost their mother or father, sister or brother in a terrorist attack in Israel since 2000. These children and teens come from all walks of life, all sectors of society and all parts of the country. At OneFamily, they can find counselors and staff who are specially trained to understand the needs and pressures of children who have suffered such terrible loss. They can also find hundreds of other children just like them, and form a social circle of friends who truly understand the depth of their pain and the Herculean efforts they are making to overcome their loss and build their lives as normally as possible.

Through camps three times a year, a Big Brothers and Sisters program, regional and local events, birthday parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations, and the simple support that comes from unconditional friendship, the children and teens of the OneFamily Youth Division are given the support they need to meet the awesome challenges that face them.

The KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation has made an initial commitment of $50,000 to establish a youth drop-in centre for children and adolescents who are the unfortunate victims of terrorism. The Youth Club, located at their Jerusalem centre, is a place where these kids can come to enjoy some leisure activities, find a friend or counselor to talk to, do homework with counselors who can help and tutor them, and simply find the support that they need when they need it. It also provides a facility for adult victims of terror to leave their children while they attend one of the many support groups and programs offered at the Jerusalem Center.

For the past four years, the KRG Youth Club in Jerusalem has been a supportive and nurturing facility where children who has been affected by the trauma of terrorism in Israel can find the support and encouragement they need in the aftermath of the loss of a parent or sibling. Through the support of Steven Wise and Susan Zikman Wise and the KRG Children's Charitable Foundation children can relax and socialize while enjoying such activities as arts and crafts, computers, yoga, exercise, drama and dance programs. The KRG Children's Charitable Foundation's support also helps to fund the Shabbatonim, as well as holiday and summer camps, where children can engage in a full range of camp activities and build lasting, therapeutic relationships that help them grow and move on from their pain and suffering. Counselors and staff receive training from professional therapists and maintain a constant supportive presence in the child's life year round, noticeably improving their lives and well being.

To learn more about this organization, visit www.onefamilyfund.org


Save a Child's Heart

Save a Child's Heart - logoSave a Child’s Heart (SACH) is an Israeli-based international humanitarian project, whose mission is to improve the quality of pediatric cardiac care for children from developing countries who suffer from heart disease and to create centers of competence in these countries. SACH is totally dedicated to the idea that every child deserves the best medical treatment available, regardless of the child's nationality, religion, color, gender or financial situation.

Its hands-on, inquiry-based approach to teaching science and technology leaves children of all ages with inspiring ideas and a profound desire to learn more.

Thanks to a generous gift from KRG Children's Charitable Foundation in Toronto, SACH was able to purchase a 7-passenger VW Van, affectionately called the 'SACH Mobile' shuttles between Wolfson Medical Center and the Children's home, as well as transport to and from the airport, will now be more comfortable for the children and their families. A special thank you to the KRG Children's Charitable Foundation.

To learn more about Save a Child's Heart, visit www.saveachildsheart.ca




TeamBuilder was developed as an online fundraising application in support of children's community sporting activities.



Three To Be

Three To Be logo

Taylor, Cole, and Brody Florence are triplets born 15 weeks prematurely on January 1, 2008 and later were each diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, a class of brain injury from birth that has no known cure. Overwhelmed and shocked by the diagnosis, but at once motivated by love, the triplets' parents, Dana and Jared, made a decision to turn their family’s situation into one of hope and empowerment. This is how THREE TO BE was born. Its goal is to raise funds to support and advance laboratory and clinical research initiatives for the development of therapies and treatments for children with neurological disorders.

THREE TO BE is a fund at the Hospital for Sick Children and Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. The research conducted in these two facilities will provide a multidisciplinary approach that marries laboratory and clinical rehabilitative research.

THREE TO BE’s Second Annual Stems of Hope Gala ROBOTICA Presented by KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation was a phenomenal success raising an amazing $550,000 NET this year, putting the monies raised by this young initiative to over one million in the first two years of fund-raising. And thanks in large part to the generosity of the gala’s presenting sponsor KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation, THREE TO BE reached their goal of raising enough funds to purchase the Paediatric Lokomat Pro for Holland Bloorview. By supporting this incredible initiative KRG is enabling the hospital to purchase state of the art equipment that will modernize therapeutic treatments for children with disabilities. Recent studies show the developing brain is able to learn and ‘re-learn’ neuromuscular functions through task-specific repetitions and intensive training, which is what the Lokomat is designed to facilitate and help children with neurological disorders to discover their unlimited potential.

To learn more about this organization, visit threetobe.org


Today’s Parent Magazine

Today’s Parent and their program “For Kids Sake” logoToday’s Parent is Canada’s leading parenting magazine. With a readership of over 1,780,000, their mandate is to help parents build happy, healthy families. In 2004, they established the For Kids Sake Awards to recognize five extraodinary individuals who make a difference in the lives of Canadian children. Their impact may touch a large number of kids (for example, an activist who has helped convince governments to add a new immunization to those routinely given to babies) or just a few (for example, a teacher of deaf students who shows a rare gift for developing their skills). The important thing is that they have seen a need and responded. The winners will demonstrate extraordinary personal commitment and dedication to kids.

Winners of the Today’s Parent For Kids’ Sake Awards each receive a donation to be directed to the registered charity of their choice.

KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation has made a five-year committment to be the main sponsor of the Kid’s Sake Award. A $50,000 donation is split between the five winners.

To learn more about this organization, visit www.todaysparent.com



KRG Children's Charitable Foundation is thrilled to fund Upopolis at SickKids for the next 3 years. Upopolis is an online social network designed especially for young patients in hospital. Upopolis aims to make hospital walls virtually invisible between family and friends through the power of social networking. SickKids is the largest centre in Canada to offer this site to its patients.

Upopolis provides the best features of social networking for young patients, who often feel disconnected when they are in the hospital. It offers personal profiles, personal blogs, instant chat and child-friendly games. The site is a password-protected social network that uses a content-filtering tool and pre-consented contacts to create a secure environment for patients to communicate.

Upopolis also provides unique features to kids in hospital, like a homework site that helps them stay up-to-date with their schoolwork, links to child-friendly health and wellness information, and connections to other children with similar health challenges. The SickKids Child Life Department, which works with patients to help them cope with social and emotional issues associated with being in hospital, uses Upopolis as a therapeutic tool to help patients combat isolation and express their feelings.


Variety Village

Variety Village logoFor more than 60 years, Variety-The Children's Charity Ontario has worked with young people with disabilities and those who face developmental barriers to achieve their life potential. With our flagship project Variety Village, we are a world recognized authority providing integrated sports and life skills programs, applied research and learning programs that change children’s lives and strengthen communities.

We’ve achieved this reputation because of our ongoing work to better the lives of children and young people with disabilities. We are active in the greater Toronto area and across Ontario.

KRG Children's Charitable Foundation donation of $250,000 went toward the building and maintence of the KRG Strength and Conditioning facility. As a proud and long-standing supporter of Variety Village, KRG Children's Charitable Foundation has been involved with the Sunshine Games and World’s Greatest Christmas Party.

To learn more about this Variety Village, visit www.varietyontario.ca


Zareinu Education Centre

The Zareinu Education Centre logoThe Zareinu Education Centre provides the most up-to-date therapeutic and educational programs for children with a wide range of physical and developmental disabilities. It is a nurturing place where families learn that they are not alone in raising a physically disabled child and there are people out there with huge hearts and hands that are ready to help.

KRG Children's Charitable Foundation donations to Zareinu and their hands-on therapies have helped disabled children to take their first steps, even though it was never thought possible. When other therapists gave up and caused parents to lose hope, it was KRG's program funding that enabled Zareinu to teach a non-verbal child to say the words "Mama" and "I love you".

To learn more about this organization, visit www.zareinu.org